How to Build a Dividend Stock Portfolio With $100 (Free Course)

In this video, I go over how you can start a dividend stock portfolio and begin earning passive income. This is a free course that will go over everything you need to know about dividend stocks, as well as how you can do research and buy dividend stocks.

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Be sure to watch through until the very end of the video for a full explanation and walkthrough on all the concepts I talk about. My goal with this video is to give you guys a basic understanding of how the game of investing for dividends works and how you can make a profit from it!

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Happy investing and stay safe!



0:00 – Intro
0:14 – What Is A Dividend Stock?
0:38 – How Do They Work?
1:06 – Why Dividend Investing?
1:42 – The Pros
3:05 – The Cons
3:55 – Examples
4:07 – The Process
4:28 – How To Open A Brokerage Account
4:44 – WeBull Walkthrough
5:03 – Robinhood Walkthrough
5:17 – MooMoo Walkthrough
5:49 – VettaFi Walkthrough
7:29 – WeBull App Walkthrough
8:19 – Safety
9:04 – Other Things To Consider…
9:18 – 10-Year Average Return
9:42 – Dividend Yield
10:19 – Diversification
10:49 – The Costs
11:34 – Total Return
11:48 – Earnings Per Share
12:09 – Setting Up Your Portfolio
12:29 – Buying Good Stocks
13:05 – Targeting Several Industries
13:39 – Financial Stability Over Growth
14:05 – Dividend Payout Ratios
15:06 – Dividend History
15:32 – Reinvesting Dividends
15:53 – Dividend Investing Strategies
16:42 – Dividend Traps
17:16 – Price To Earnings Ratio
17:48 – Free Cash Flow
18:05 – Debt To Equity Ratio
18:24 – Things To Remember
19:23 – Conclusion

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