How To Become Successful in Cryptocurrency & Avoid These Mistakes in Crypto Trading | NSP #153

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In this episode of the YouTube podcast, @Zahidhussainnaz a certified crypto trader, shares his insights and perspectives on the world of crypto trading. The podcast starts with some highlights, followed by an introduction to The Naz Capital, a crypto trading platform. Zahid Naz talks about the growing trend of crypto trading among Pakistanis, especially students, and explains why crypto trading has gained so much popularity in recent years.

He emphasizes the importance of studying and analyzing before investing and suggests verifying the credibility of crypto traders. Zahid explains the two major concepts of crypto and discusses the need for financial education in Pakistan and Denmark. He encourages listeners to take responsibility for their investments and shares his institutional trading concept in Pakistan. Zahid also discusses the issue of bank defaults and provides guidance on investing at the right time. He warns against Fomo, revenge trading, and over-trading and shares some tips for controlling Fomo. Zahid explains the relationship between crypto and stocks and the dollar and explores the purpose of introducing crypto trading.

He shares his perspective on the difference between investors and traders, the market cycle, and long-term investment. Zahid explains the deflationary and scarce nature of Bitcoin and suggests an excellent investment forum in Bitcoin and gold. He also shares his views on how capitalism controls crypto and discusses the international CBDC. The podcast ends with a message of thanks and an invitation to join Zahid’s crypto community. Whether you are an experienced crypto trader or a novice, this podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in crypto trading.

00:00 Highlights
1:15 About The Naz Capital
2:27 Certified Crypto trader
3:55 Pakistanis in crypto trading
6:55 Students in the field of crypto
10:22 Why crypto trading?
13:20 Youth occupy a huge %age in crypto trading
15:51 Study/analyze before investing
17:57 Verify the credibility of crypto traders
22:00 Major 2 Concepts of crypto
26:15 Financial Education in Pakistan and Denmark
32:40 Take responsibility for yourself
36:35 Institutional trading concept by Zahid in Pakistan
37:50 Anticipating Bank defaults
43:55 Correct guidance for investing at the right time
46:15 Fomo, revenge trading, and over trading
50:00 Controlling Fomo
53:20 Retail investors fail in first 90 days
54:25 Crypto’s Relationship with Stocks and Dollar
58:03 Purpose of introducing crypto trading
1:00:37 Crypto is decentralized but uncontrolled
1:05:06 Diversifying in conventional and unconventional coins
1:07:39 Investor vs traders
1:10:48 Market cycle and long-term investment
1:12:10 Difference between the market cycle of stock and Bitcoin
1:15:20 Bitcoin is deflationary and scarce
1:19:10 An excellent investment forum-bitcoin and gold
1:21:10 How Capitalism is controlling crypto
1:27:48 International CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency)
1:32:44 Zahid Naz’s crypto community
1:35:40 Thank you note and message by Zahid Naz

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