Gold Investing 2023 – Should You Buy Gold in 2023?

In this video I talk about investing gold in 2023. If you are wondering weather or not you should buy gold in 2023 then this is the video for you. Golding investing 2023 will be very wise in my opinion. The types of gold that I would buy in 2023 would be gold coins and gold bars. In this video I talk about investing in a gold royalty company and their name is Gold Royalty Corp. Investing in gold mining companies can be profitable, but it is more risky than buying physical gold. The safest way to invest in gold is to buy physical gold, but it might not be the most profitable. If you want to get leverage over the price of gold then try looking at gold mining companies and gold royalty companies. I will be buying more gold in 2023. Here is the link to Gold Royalty Corp:

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