Fall Into ETF Investing – Episodes 3 & 4

Join us for our Fall into ETF Investing Event, premiering October 21 and 28.

Episode 3: This session looks at the origin of ETFs, dives into index-based investing, and why using well known industry standard benchmarks is so important. We will also dive into how broad market ETFs can be used to build a strong foundation for your portfolios, what a core and explore strategy is and why these are such effective tools to help you manage your investments.

Episode 4: In this session we unpack ESG Investing with ETFs, how an ESG rating and an ESG ETF is constructed, and we look at the other side of the coin when it comes to ESG investing, active ownership and engagement – where the ETF provider will vote proxies associated with the stocks in the ETF, and meet with companies to further try to enact change around ESG issues.

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