Don't make these trading mistakes! Must watch for beginners 🔥| Olymp Trade Lessons 🎓

In this video, an Olymp Trade coach speaks about 5 Trading Mistakes you should avoid to enhance profitability. Successful trading is like smooth driving: a trader has to follow some rules to enjoy the ride and avoid costly accidents 🚘📈

🧐 Do you ignore any of these rules? Watch Leo’s video to check if your trading style checks all the 5 boxes on his must-do list.
00:00 – Intro
00:30 – What do you know about your trading platform?
01:10 – Safety rule for traders
02:02 – What’s your “trading destination”?
02:48 – Chose your own way to trade
04:09 – Emotions and trading
05:11 – Final
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