Crypto Trading for Beginners – How to Start & Important Things to Know

Crypto Trading is great for those with great trading skills!

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Make sure your risk management is on point and you have learned all price action.

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00:00 Video Start
01:09 Basics of Crypto Trading
03:10 Crypto Options Introduction
06:30 Where to Trade Crypto? (Why Delta Exchange for Options)
08:46 How to Plan for Option Selling Trades in BTC
10:46 Understanding “brokerage”
12:55 Live Options Trade in BTC on Delta Exchange
16:12 Live Futures Trade in BTC on Delta Exchange
18:45 Placing Stop Loss & Take Profit
19:47 Learning From my Past Trades
22:25 What is FIXED Loss?
23:25 High Relative Quantity Trades in BTC Future and Option
25:40 Margin Modes on Delta Exchange
30:15 Bitcoin vs Bank Nifty Move Compared
31:04 Conclusion of Imp. Things to Know Before Trading Crypto

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