Coinbase CEO on SEC Lawsuit and Whether Crypto Is a Security | WSJ

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong is entering a battle with regulators after the SEC sued his company Tuesday. The SEC alleges Coinbase broke the rules by listing crypto tokens subject to securities laws.

He sat down with The Wall Street Journal to discuss the situation, saying he hopes the lawsuit will bring more clarity to the industry in this full, extended cut of the interview.

0:00 Armstrong’s interpretation of the law
2:30 Armstrong’s decision to push ahead on adding tokens despite risk
5:22 How Armstrong defines a security
9:10 Are all of Coinbase’s listings crypto commodities?
14:02 Coinbase’s process of selecting which assets to list
15:18 Did Coinbase become looser with standards?
17:40 Armstrong’s thoughts on the Howie test
20:14 The line between commodities and securities
22:32 Will Coinbase ever go to the rest of the world?
24:56 Armstrong’s relationship with the SEC chairman
26:36 Armstrong’s dream regulatory structure for crypto

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