Coffee Can Investing | कम Risk, ज़्यादा Profit Strategy from Stock Market

Coffee Can Investing | Low Risk, High Profit Strategy from Stock Market
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Coffee Can Investing is an Indian book on Stock market and investing on how to get rich by investing in shares for long term written by Saurabh Mukherjea
This is one of the best personal finance and financial freedom book and also investing book for beginners on how to invest in share market and how to achieve high profit from stock market with the best blue chip, not penny but high quality stocks with the power of compounding.
Questions answered in this video? What is Coffee Can Investing? What is Coffee Can Portfolio? How to achieve high profit from stock market, Low risk high profit strategy from shares?

‘Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.’ —Warren Buffett

Listed below are the seven basic investment mistakes most of us make.

No clear investment objective/plan: If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up in the wrong place.

Trading too much, too often: Too many people trade too much, too often and do not reap the benefits of long-term investing and sensible asset allocation. Repeated trading and modification in investments usually lead to lower returns and higher transaction costs

Lack of diversification: Different assets carry different kinds of risk and return potential. Hence, diversifying your portfolio is very important to insulate yourself from shocks in a particular asset class.

High commissions and fees: Paying a higher fee on your investments over the long term can have a significant impact on the performance of your portfolio.

Chasing short-term returns: Most investors chase higher returns or yields on their investments without really knowing the risk attached to them.

Timing the market: Markets do not move linearly and are inherently volatile. Whilst there are indicators of various kinds that reflect the market trend at any given point of time, this does not mean that one can accurately determine when to enter or exit the markets.

Ignoring inflation and taxes: Most investors focus on absolute returns instead of looking at real returns. To arrive at actual returns from your investments, you need to adjust for (or subtract) the impact of inflation and taxes.

Most Indians do not invest in stocks or equity mutual funds at all. Those who do, do so in a very haphazard manner.

Successful equity investing largely hinges around answering two simple questions:

Which stocks should I buy? and
For how long should I hold the stocks I bought?
Incorrect investment theories—the most common one being that to make higher returns from the stock markets, one must take higher risks.

Kirby, in a note written in 1984, narrated an incident involving his client’s husband. The gentleman had purchased stocks recommended by Kirby in denominations of US$5000 each but, unlike Kirby, did not sell anything from the portfolio.

Kirby coined the term ‘Coffee Can Portfolio’, a term in which the ‘coffee can’ harks back to the Wild West, when Americans, before the widespread advent of banks, saved their valuables in a coffee can and kept it under a mattress.

In order to truly become rich an investor has to let a sensibly constructed portfolio stay untouched for a long period of time

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