Benefits of cryptocurrency for Property Business. Gamification as an ultimate engagement tool.

Are you curious about the potential benefits of cryptocurrency for your property business?

If you’re looking for a way to increase customer loyalty and drive more leads through your property business, then you need to watch this video! We’ll discuss the importance of cryptocurrency and how it can help you reach your business goals. From property investment to P2P lending, a cryptocurrency is a powerful tool that can help you grow your business!

Issuing cryptocurrencies can be a game changer for your property business, increasing your revenue more than any other technology or approach. However, numerous pitfalls can prevent you from realizing the full value. This is where Stobox can help.

In this video, Stobox Co-Founder Borys Pikalov will show you practical strategies employed by Stobox clients to create an emotional experience and gamification using crypto assets and, in this way, earn 50% or even 100% more.

There are three ways to differentiate your business using crypto assets.
Firstly, you can use them to craft a community in order to increase customer loyalty.

The second vital implication of crypto assets is promoting your brand using tokens. So as tokens create a natural word of mouth, you can expect additional awareness because tokenholders have a direct financial incentive to spread.

The third way for to create excess returns with crypto assets is by improving monetization. Utility tokens and NFTs are literally new virtual products that you can sell. This product has no marginal cost of production, so it can be insanely profitable.

Now, let`s go to the practical considerations of using blockchain. The most essential rule is that you need to create a genuine utility for your tokens.

In the case of real estate, you can create virtual replicas of your properties, which can be visited by community members. You can hold virtual events, which are available only for holders of your utility tokens and NFTs. This way, your community transcends physical boundaries.

Stobox owns tokens, and our experts helped dozens of clients conduct their offerings. On our website, you can book 30-minute consultation to understand whether such a tech-driven approach makes sense to you at all. You can also contact us at

Stay tuned, and see you in the next episode!

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01:11 Limitations of Property Business
03:14 Growing with web3
06:02 Promoting your brand
07:42 Genuine Utility
10:53 Proper legal structure
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