Battery Metals Investing: A Beginners Guide

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Easily one of the most interesting conversations that I have been part of all week. EV, battery and infrastructure demands laid bare. Iggy Tan, CEO, Altech Chemicals and Joel Crane, Investor Relations & Commercial Manager, Cobalt Blue, talk about the realities of how public companies insert themselves into the European Car manufacturing ecosystem. Battery and car manufacturers are desperate to secure battery metals and technology supplies from now until 2030, and are struggling. Prices are being driven up by the lack of supply. Can companies like these two take advantage of that? And what support will they get from Europe to fund the development of their projects. Not many will get across the line so pay attention to the ones that will.

0:00 – Panel Overview
2:36 – Reason for Entering the European Market
7:38 – Balancing the Decision Making in Doing Business in EU and Asia
12:28 – Perks in Operating in the EU
14:22 – Forecast on the Pricing of Ethically-Sourced Cobalt
16:19 – How Altech Chemicals Price their Products
17:46 – Sentiments of Battery Metals’ Players on the Current Market Status
19:22 – Altech and its Investors’ Possible Concerns
21:51 – Partnerships Support for Altech’s R&D Component
24:14 – Capitalizing the Current Situation
27:01 – Projections on Growth for the Next 12 Months
31:17 – Conversations around Government Supports and Incentives
34:16 – Outro

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