81 Rental Units at 21 by Doing What 99% of Investors Won’t

Eighty-one rental units all through the MLS? Yep, it’s possible! While not all properties sitting on the MLS are home runs, today’s guest Cody Davis can confirm there are multiple cash flowing needles in the public housing market haystack.

Cody and his partner have been able to grow their portfolio to eighty-one units, all through seller financing and all found on-market. These deals not only cash flow but once paid off will allow Cody to retire not only himself but his mother as well. Did we mention that he’s twenty-one years old at the time of this recording? Another under-thirty-expert to add to our list of impressive guests!

While many investors give up after initial pushback over seller financing, Cody goes one step further by having the investor emotionally invest in his success. No tacky sales methods or pushy conversations—just honest work with a clear vision that a seller can relate to. Cody is top of his class in terms of managing properties, acquiring new ones, and working with sellers—a guest ANY investor can learn a lot from!

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Episode 554

Show notes at:

0:00 Intro
4:18 Quick Tip
5:48 First Deal: A 12-Unit
13:39 Seller Financing Through “Relationship Marketing”
24:34 Purchasing Another 12-Unit
27:18 When is Expensive Debt Worth It?
33:04 Cap Rates Explained
37:22 Managing Your Properties
46:01 Helping Yourself by Helping Others
47:45 Deal Deep Dive
52:36 Fire Round
59:15 Famous Four

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