Investing can be simple and just make you passive income forever. These are the 3 ETF categories that I use to invest for financial freedom. Growth ETFs, Dividend ETFs, S&P 500 and Total Stock Market ETFs will be explained!

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0:00 – Investing Simplified for beginners
0:39 – Make money while you sleep! How to make your money work hard for you
1:21 – ETF Investing Explained (Exchange Traded Funds)
1:57 – 3 Rules to get you rich in ETF investing
2:48 – Most important question to answer before getting started
3:31 – First ETF Category – S&P 500 and Total Stock Market
5:09 – ETF Category for most explosive gains! Getting rich with GROWTH ETFs
7:04 – ETF Category for passive income for LIFE

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