11 Ways to Invest During a Housing Correction (or Market Crash!)

The housing correction is here. There’s panic in the streets and interest rates are soaring up, but investors don’t seem to mind. For the most part, these real estate owners are cool as cucumbers watching their cash flow come in. Sure, property values are starting to fall and affordability is hitting all-time lows, but why aren’t the people who own real estate worried? What do they know that we don’t?

Thankfully, we have an experienced real estate investor here to show you why you shouldn’t be fearful of a housing correction. Dave (@thedatadeli) knows that there are plenty of opportunities for new investors to find phenomenal deals if they have the stomach to get out there and look for them. Dave brings you eleven tips that anyone, no matter skill level or portfolio size, can use to build wealth during this current correction.

These tips range from where to buy, what to avoid, and how to use your new negotiating power as a buyer to lock down deals faster. Make no mistake, if you act out of fear during times like these, you will lose money. But, if you can keep your head on straight, listen to the numbers, and buy right, 2022 and 2023 could be one of your best years yet!

00:00 The Housing Correction is Here
02:29 Grab Dave’s New Book!
03:13 1. Negotiate
05:28 2. Look for Hybrid Cities
07:16 3. House Hack
09:22 4. Don’t Flip
10:05 5. Consider New Construction
12:13 6. Veer Off Vacation Rentals
14:30 7. Try Creative Financing
15:38 8. Don’t Sell!
17:00 9. Use Your Cash
17:57 10. Become a Private Lender
18:52 Timestamp: 11. Don’t Time the Market
20:20 How Are You Investing?

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