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What reaction should we expect from BTC to the inflation data? What’s going on with the US market? And when can I open longs for bitcoin?

Guys, at the end I will share my personal opinion about the current situation and my strategy when I will open or close positions, so go in to watch an overview of BTC and the cryptocurrency market, hugged 🤟🏽

After Biden’s speech and his fiery speeches on the support of the banking system, bitcoin reacted sharply with growth and reached the $ 24,500 mark. Which significantly increased the euphoria of all market participants. But is everything really so rosy? What are they trying to do with the bitcoin exchange rate if the world economy is still in Trouble?

What will be the Fed’s policy next, a rate hike or a key rate cut? And today, we are again waiting for a portion of volatility from the US inflation data.

Therefore, in the review I will share my thoughts on everything that is happening with BTC? I will tell you what is the priority for transactions with the team and possible scenarios for BTC.

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✔️ The video will be as useful to you as possible, even if you do not understand the terms and cryptocurrencies at all. But you will be able to understand where and how the market is moving, analyze trends, act competently and multiply your funds.

✔️ There are no complicated charts and technical analysis here, I tell you in simple language how we analyze the chart so that absolutely anyone can earn on cryptocurrency.

✔️ This video and its contents are intended for informational purposes and do not constitute an investment recommendation.

Technical analysis cryptocurrency

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